About Us

Jupia Consultants Inc. was founded in 2004. The firm specializes in economic impact assessments, assets mapping, community marketing and sector development strategies.   The firm’s two primary consultants have over 30 years of combined experience working with economic development agencies, government departments, industry associations and corporate clients across Canada.

In recent years the firm has been focusing more on helping communities identify and pursue specific economic opportunities.  The competition for national and international business investment and startups has never been more pronounced than it is today.  Communities that successfully navigate this new reality will be those that know their strengths, can identify opportunities and allocate the resources to achieve success.

The other big issue circa 2017 is talent development.  For decades, most communities across Canada didn’t have to think much about where workers were coming from to support economic growth.  Now this issue is likely the biggest constraint to future economic growth.  Communities that can demonstrate an ability to attract and retain talent will have a distinct competitive advantage.

Jupia Consultants Inc. can help you figure it out.